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The ancient tradition of serving food on a freshly cut Banana leaf has its roots in India. Here in Singapore, the widely popular practice of eating from a banana leaf can be traced back to The Banana Leaf Apolo. The Banana Leaf Apolo has been serving its food on a banana leaf to patrons since it opened its doors in 1974. This has become our signature! At The Banana Leaf Apolo, this practice is more than just a tradition – it is a science!

If you're looking for a good place to try Indian food in Singapore, the Banana Leaf Apolo is probably the place you're trying to find. Popular with local Singaporeans, the restaurant has an excellent selection of Indian favorites. Meals are served in a traditional setting - on a banana leaf instead of a plate. The curries and sambals, the fish and seafood, the vegetarian dishes - all are marvelous, flavorful experiences at a great price.

The Science of Banana leaf service.

Food on a traditional banana leaf adds to the taste and flavour

It has medicinal value - tested over centuries

It is Hygienic - only one serving on a leaf and there is no recycling

It is environment friendly – it is organic and fully biodegradable

What our Customers Say…

"Visited this restaurant after a
recommendation from the taxi driver!
Always a good way of finding something good and where the locals would go.
Your food is served on a plate covered with a banana leaf, nice touch. Tiger beers was excellent and not too
pricy by Singapore standards. Food was good and plentiful. Service was excellent too."
DaveMaw from Australia
"I am actually not a big fan of
Biriyani but I must say that the
chicken Biriyani at Apolo is just amazing!!!!
The rice is fluffy and has so much
flavour. The first place I will go to once
I am back in Singapore is definitely Apolo."
Murmatmur Spain

"The Entertainment was
Top Notch!"
Roosterman Singapore
"Excellent food.
Highly Recommended!"
Fsdukejr from Federal Way, Washington


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